INR 575.00

Description :

YAVAN HERBAL infusion with the richness of potent herbs helps to de-stress and revitalize the body. This relaxing tea relieve stress & anxiety and re-energizes the body. It helps to relax the body, enhance the immune system, strengthens and rejuvenates body organs system. It also helps to cool down the body temperature and reduces high blood pressure. It is a carefully crafted herbal infusion to help prolong the cheerfulness and spirited youthfulness of your personality.

Key Ingredients of Yuvan Herbal Infusion

Goksura (Caltrop): Caltrop fruit supports healthy urinary tract and prostate functions. Found mainly in tropical climate, the herb nourishes the reproductive system and improves muscle health and stamina. It is also known to cure general weakness, asthma, increase sperm counts, and inflammation conditions.

Misreya (Fennel): With a tinge of sweet and bitter flavour, fennel plant helps to cure inflammations, burning sensation, bronchitis and cough.


Reduces high blood pressure, resolves kidney stones, and urinary problems

Cleanse liver and improves urinary tract functions

Caltrop Fennel helps cool down body temperature

Revitalize and restores degenerated cells

Strengthens and rejuvenates body organs system

Increases physical strength

Acts as a laxative.

Helps in hormonal disorders and enhances the immune system

Effective for weight and stress reduction